Themes of war with the people who live it, cover it and fight it.

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Hosted by Lynne O'Donnell

The greatest tragedy is war, but so long as there is mankind, there will be war.

Antoine Henri Jomini

The Warcast: Episode 1

Massoud Hossaini

In 2012, Massoud Hossaini won a Pulitzer Prize for his heartbreaking photograph, "Girl in the Green Dress". It showed an Afghan girl, in the aftermath of a suicide bombing at a Shia shrine in Kabul, surrounded by dead and wounded members of her family. Massoud was wounded in the attack. His picture won a number of major international photography awards.

He tells Lynne O'Donnell, host of The War Podcast, about his early life living in the Iranian city of Mashhad, where his family fled the Soviet war in Afghanistan. He began his career photographing other Afghan refugees. After the 9/11 Al-Qaeda attacks on the United States and the US-led invasion of Afghanistan that followed in October 2001, Massoud decided to go home to Kabul.

So began his immersion in war.